CMS Platform Redesign Documentation

I was tasked to research, envision, strategize, propose and design the Citia Content Manager interface that solved for different roles and workflows inside of our client's organizations.
In the first iteration of the Citia content manager was an outdated interface that used bootstrap default styles, clients were experiencing a disjointed broken experience, and our featured pages were buried. As part of the design team I used this opportunity to envision the future of our software and set rules for design. The development team also used this opportunity to build our new interface in angular, a new framework for our system.
Research Presentation
We spoke to our current users inside of our biggest clients (GE, Viacom, Mastercard), to find out who they were and what their biggest pain points were using our system. At the same time I also researched various DAM (Digital Asset Managers) and CMS (Content Management Systems). We used this information and presented the results along with strategic roadmap on how we planned to improve our system based on our users needs.
Experience Map + User flow
My first task was to look at our current experience and develop a new experience based on our the personas and scenarios we developed after our user interviews. The images above display how our pages were originally connected and using a layered colored path we showed how they should be connected based on users tasks, workflows and behaviors.
Above are the proposed wireframes I developed and presented to our VP of Product. Most of the design features were used for for the first iteration of development.
The redesign included a new look and feel for the login, dashboard, card inventory, cardsite list, reports pages. Our entire system got a global navigation which contained new feature; a global search and a create button that allowed users to create cards and cardsites from any page in our platform. Redesigning the Citia platform was a turning point in my role and responsibilities within Citia. This is the first project where we looked at an initiative holistically and my first time in my role as Lead Experience Designer. Based on the success of this project I was able to lead more user interviews and user tests as well as develop a procedure for future released of new features.