¡Leí Leí!

Making a Splash.
My Role
Founder and Product Designer
Ideate, Research, User Test, Product Design, Pitch,
My thesis for the School of Visual Art's MFAD program 'Designer as Author + Entrepreneur was ¡Leí Leí!. An early childhood educational system that assists Mexican American children and their parents in gaining literacy skills while supporting their cultural identity.
Product + Branding
My final product was an ios and android app that taught early literacy skills to pre-school Latino children. I drew inspiration for my brand and characters from the hand-painted signs and patterns native to my parents native homes. The art direction was pulled though the app into the website, marketing materials, and business proposal book.
User Testing
I was very lucky to have the City of New York's Department of Education supporting my product. They helped me by placing me at the Sotomayor Community Center in the Bronx to conduct my user testing and to survey the parents.
Promo Video
In my final presentation I included a promotional video for my product. All animations were made using Adobe After Effects. I also hired a Spanish speaking actress for the voice over and a sound engineer to create the music.
Final Presentation
I presented my product at the SVA theater for our class forum called 'Venture.'