Capital One

Strategic Platforms: Authentication

Create a Centralized Commercial Identity Platform, also know as an Identity and Access Manager, to support Business priorities and scalability
My Role
Designer Manger
Time in Role
1y 4m
Program Responsibilities
Maintain + optimize existing services and experiences
Plan and Build a homegrown Centralized Identity System
Hire and scale design team
Manager Responsibilities
Collaborate with partners to define vision
Define multiple interconnected strategies
Work with product, tech, design and architecture partners to define roadmap of various streams of work
Lead, direct, manage designers
Ladder work up to CML XD Vision
IC Responsibilities
Strategic project planning
Plan, organize and run research
Deliver code-ready designs to tech
Run design quality check
As the Design Manager for authentication services, I was responsible for defining, leading and managing initiatives across existing and new commercial applications and vendors. As part of the larger Strategic Platforms team we were focused on developing and maintaining the shared infrastructure used across the Commercial Bank.
Navigating Complexity
To build up to our Centralized Commercial Identity Platform I defined a “lean” approach I labeled as “Skinny Core” based on a framework for building scaleable modern enterprise products. The strategy was to help the identity team build the most impactful and essential components and functionality that would provide the minimum identity needs across the Commercial Bank ecosystem.