I was the project lead on this assignment. I organized meetings, presented research, set up roadmaps and deadlines, as well as managed 2 members of the development team.
The assignment began as a re-build of the reports section on our new Angular framework. I started by collecting the problems our users had experienced with our reports section which included: slow loading speeds, disjointed experience, lack of information on what our system actually measured. I then had several meetings with our client success team who dealt the most with explaining and delivering metrics to our clients. The screens above are actually one long screen and depending on the amount of content created by the user this can grow to be even longer. After getting feedback from the client success team I brought the development team on to first explain to me how exactly we accrue our data and second learn the limits of our reporting platform. My true goal was to build a strong foundation that allows for the future build out. This included creating a better user experience and navigation, providing essential report data to our stakeholders, renaming sections, explaining others, and eliminating non-essential data.
Site Map and Wireframes
One big issue I saw with the platforms original site map was that users had to go back to the Report list page to travel to the report of another cardsite. Based on that annoying little behaviour I came up with the idea that report live on a singular page which would refresh and reveal content as users filter through their available content from the dropdown on the left. I also wanted to reduce the amount of scrolling so elements that were connected were grouped together and I created tabs so users would click across.
For the development of the Reports section I was allowed to manage one of the junior developers directly. He and I became a team and truly a great one because we met all of our deadlines and learned many things during the process. The redesign was a success measured by the response of our clients who absolutely love it and said the information made more sense and the navigation made accessing the information super easy.